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The first episode for 2021 of Community Connection will be broadcast on Wednesday 27 January 2020 at 3pm. Tune in!


Featured in this month’s episode:


- DLR PPN Network Manager, Simone Sav joins us to discuss the Training Schedule for spring 2021 which is open to all PPN members and offers free courses covering a range of subjects.


- Lisa Sieger-Jamison from the Southside Partnership joins us to discuss the DLR Social Prescribing for Health and Wellbeing programme and the supports available.


- Dr Fiona O’Doherty from NoSUPtown joins us to discuss single use plastic and the projects they run in achieving their objective of reducing single use plastic.


- Dr Michael Kennedy of the Royal Irish Academy will deliver an online lecture on 28 January on the subject of The Dalkey Coastwatchers: World War II from Sorrento.Park. He joins us to talk about this fascinating and forgotten piece of our history.


Community Connection is sponsored by DLR PPN – and co-produced with Peter Rice Dublin South FM, and Simone Sav, DLR PPN Manager.


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