Sustainable Outdoor Tourism Infrastructure: Aileen Eglington, AE Consulting announces partnership with Sunkid Austria, global leaders in outdoor tourism attractions!

We Move, You Smile – Sunkid Austria launches its sustainable tourism infrastructure solutions in Ireland with AE Consulting!

AE Consulting, Irish tourism experts is delighted to announce a partnership with Sunkid Austria delivering a full package of beautifully designed sustainable outdoor recreation facilities and attractions to the Irish market. With the increase in demand for outdoor recreation in Ireland, this is the perfect opportunity to avail of a plethora of Sunkid sustainable rides, attractions and smart transport solutions for forest parks, playgrounds, water parks or tourist destinations across the country.


Sunkid GmbH, an Austrian company, is a globally leading year-round provider of free-time attractions. With more than 9,000 implemented projects in more than 75 countries including a huge base in the EU, a network of 7 companies and 45 sales and service partners, Sunkid represents the highest of quality production and reliability of service. Their flagship product is the Mountain Coaster, of which the first one, is the Black Bull Run in Colin Glen Forest Park (Belfast). AE Consulting, experts in inbound and outbound leisure and tourism in Ireland, are thrilled to be part of their roll out in Ireland and look forward to a successful and exciting partnership in infrastructure tourism!


“As tourism experts, we see the changes in the tourism offering as being both very exciting and demanding, to a degree that needs investment to fulfil experiential expectations. Companies like Sunkid have been filling the gap with top, best of breed products with the highest construction and design value. We are delighted to be part of the Sunkid journey in Ireland and beyond as outdoor recreation grows” – Aileen Eglington, Managing Director, AE Consulting.


Product Highlights


The Mountain Coaster – launched in Belfast in July 2021

A unique monorail system and unrivalled riding dynamics is the trademark of the Mountain Coaster. Its sophisticated build makes it particularly cost effective and the track design is customised to individual conditions on site and customers wishes. Photo points provide guests with pictures and can be a lucrative source of income for operators. The individual toboggans are light weight permitting many transport solutions, even using existing infrastructure. The Mountain Coaster would be an exciting addition to any recreation or tourism facility such as forest parks, wildlife parks or zoos and can be fully customised to customer’s wishes. A thrilling ride for the whole family and a commercially viable proposition for year-round tourism, with a fast ROI.

The Tower and other Family Rides

Perfect for limited space, the Sunkid Tower is a family ride and lookout tower in one! With interactive controls, seat units are easily pulled up by rope, even by young children, as the Sunkid Tower itself slowly rotates around its own axis. Passengers observe the world around them from a 360-degree perspective at a height of just over 9 meters. Each Tower has a capacity of up to 320 persons per hour (4 seat units with 2 people each) with a 3-tower version available for up to 960 persons/hour. It boasts a low space demand with the 3-tower version possible on only 144m2. It is indoor and outdoor capable, and themes are fully customisable (design, light and sound effects).  So, give your visitors a whole new perspective with these beautifully crafted and fully interactive Towers.


Other family rides, like the nearly 300 times sold Skydive ropeway ride, the “jumping boat ride” Nautic Jet, or the Loopster where passengers can do 360 degrees vertical rotations: a great range of well-established attractions add to the complete offering of high-quality family rides by Sunkid.

Wood ‘n’ Fun

Sunkid are not only purveyors in large attractions. They also have more than 20 years’ experience supporting tourism and recreational destinations around the world with innovative solutions and sustainable products. They beautifully design and efficiently implement playground equipment, seating, games, and customised products to suit your space or attraction perfectly. Their products are exquisitely crafted and environmentally sustainable.  So, if you have a fun idea for your park or destination, why not rely on the alpine experts to make your dream a reality!


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