Pet Separation Anxiety Post-Lockdown and how Irish CBD Company Hemp Heros Can Help


Last December it was widely reported in the Irish press that there had been a massive spike in puppy sales and animal adoption. With more time at home and less social interactions, many people have turned to their pets for comfort and many became pet owners for the first time. According to Gillian Bird, education officer at the DSPCA, the Dublin Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, they had anticipated the increased interest. “People were suddenly working at home. The kids were off school. They said, ‘Maybe this is the perfect opportunity to have an animal.”


But with the lockdown now lifting, the DSPCA has also warned that pets may likely experience separation anxiety and stress once we start returning to work. A survey of 1,000 people nationally that was conducted by Lottoland found that 82% of pet owners are aware that they can suffer from anxiety when there’s a change in routine. 27% of those surveyed said they didn’t know this while 60% said they are not worried about their pets suffering from anxiety when they begin to spend less time at home. The survey also reported that one in eight people got a new pet during the various national lockdowns. Many animal rescues and charities are now worried that there will be an increase in people giving up their new pets now that the country is returning to ‘normal’.


So how can we help our pets adjust to a new routine and ease any stresses and anxieties they may be experiencing? There are many ongoing studies examining the benefits of CBD oil for pets and a wealth of anecdotal evidence suggesting that CBD oil is extremely useful in combating sleep problems, arthritis and anxiety in humans and in animals. And here’s where Irish company Hemp Heroes can help.


Founded in 2018 and launched in response to a demand by customers for high quality CBD/hemp products, they work directly with organic hemp farmers across Europe to ensure they use only the finest raw materials in their products. All of their products are made using industrial hemp which ensures it has no intoxicating effect whatsoever. They have conducted continuous research and development enabling them to deliver the very best CBD Oil Ireland has to offer.

When it comes to Hemp and CBD they are leading experts in their field and are members of the European Industrial Hemp Association, Irish Hemp Co Operative and Retail Excellence Ireland.


They are also massive animal lovers and co-founder and UFC star John Phillips has a small army of dogs made up of four French Bull dogs, Peanut, Betty, Lulu and Geegee and two American Pitbull Terriers, Alfie and George. When Alfie began to show signs of arthritis and limping, John was told there was little that could be done and it was just a result of age. After a friend’s suggestion, he began treating Alfie with CBD oil. “I was very sceptical at first, but thought we have nothing to lose”.

He noticed a vast improvement after only one week! “After months of research and speaking with the leading experts in the Hemp Industry, Hemp Heros was born and we developed our own unique formula specially designed for pets.”


Hemp Heros CBD oil range for pets is combined with 100% Salmon Oil ensuring your pet will love the taste and is beneficial for cats and dogs of all ages. This food supplement may help relief symptoms of pain, including joint pain, anxiety, sleep issues and has neuroprotective qualities. Customer satisfaction is key and Hemp Heros currently has over 170 five star reviews on Google. They are also proud to support and work with a number of animal charities across Ireland and the UK including DSPCA, Wicklow Animal Welfare, Galway SPCA and Gundog Rescue Rehoming.


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