Pure Pharmacy Group challenge prescription market in Ireland as they launch Educational Campaign to show Irish consumers how to save up to 60% off prescription costs!

22 October 2017: Pure Pharmacy, the 100% Irish pharmacy group with pharmacies in Dublin, Drogheda and Galway, has launched an educational campaign to demonstrate how much people can save on their pharmacy bills.

Concerned with the growing trend of people ordering their prescription medicines online or getting their prescriptions filled in places like Northern Ireland, The UK, and Spain, as well as high costs in some pharmacies in Ireland, Pure Pharmacy is encouraging Irish consumers to shop around and switch pharmacies to achieve big savings while avoiding the risks associated with online purchases or purchases abroad.

Pure Pharmacy’s pricing policy means customers can save up to 60% on their prescriptions. For patients who require ongoing prescription drugs and don’t have a medical card, switching to Pure Pharmacy for the fulfilment of their monthly prescription bills can mean very real savings and a real reduction to their overall household expenditure. Pure Pharmacy can provide anecdotal evidence to support this.

Pure Pharmacy delivers real savings for their customers by a process of reduced mark ups coupled with competitive buying and pricing policy.  

David Beggs, owner and MD of Pure Pharmacy and a pharmacist by profession, explained “We set up Pure Pharmacy with a vision of delivering a first class service in the communities in which we serve, with top level pharmacy professionals – but central to that service and our concept is lower prices. We buy competitively and we pass that value on to our customers.  We want to educate consumers that they can free themselves from expensive prescription charges and realise big savings by shopping around.”

 He continued, “You could say we are shaking up the pharmacy sector in Ireland – we are now aiming to bring down the cost of Over The Counter (OTC ) medicines as well..  If people continue to shop around they will find out what savings they can make. We provide a free quotation service on our website www.purepharmacy.ie . “

He continued “   We can offer All Statins for €4 for 1 month’s supply, Ventolin for €3.50 for 1 inhaler and Aspirin at €3.50 for 1 month’s supply, on production of valid prescription as well as Paralief Paracetamol 24 pack for only 90c ( assisted by a pharmacist) .”

Pure Pharmacy’s business continues to grow with a new Pure Pharmacy just opened at 1a Whitehall Close, Terenure, Dublin D6w.


About Pure Pharmacy www.purepharmacy.ie

Established in 2011, Pure Pharmacy is an Irish company with 6 pharmacies around Ireland.  David Beggs, pharmacist and entrepreneur, is the Managing Director.   Pure Pharmacy can be found at:

·         Summerhill, Dublin 1

·         Ballyfermot, Dublin 10

·         Collins’ Avenue, Dublin 3

·         T2, Dublin Airport

·         Southgate St., Drogheda

·         O’Beirns Pharmacy, Galway

And now Whitehall Close, Terenure,D6w – just opened!


Press Note:

Both MD David Beggs, and Operations Manager Dawn Adams welcome the opportunity to engage with the media, and provide anecdotal evidence in terms of the real savings which Pure Pharmacy are providing to their customers.

Please contact Aileen Eglington for any interviews on 087 2505007 in the first instance.


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