Irish CBD Company Hemp Heros partners with Swansea University on Long Overdue Clinical Study

Irish CBD Company Hemp Heros partners with Swansea University on Long Overdue Clinical Study

This study paves the way for future research around four key pillars:

Pain, Sleep, Anxiety and Recovery


Issue date: 27th April 2022


The use of CBD oil as a food supplement is on the rise and thriving in the Irish wellness market. While existing research has already suggested that hemp products can have a positive impact on people’s health, there has been a lack of actual evidence when it comes to CBD products. Until now!


Irish CBD Company, Hemp Heros, manufactures high quality CBD products for both humans and animals and supplies these products throughout Ireland, the UK, Europe and USA. Hemp Heros has now teamed up with Swansea University Healthcare Technology Centre (HTC), providing their products for a research study into the health benefits of using CBD oil.


David Hartigan, Hemp Heros co-founder explains “When we started Hemp Heros we set out with a vision to create a better everyday life for our customers the natural way and provide high quality products people could trust. We fully believe in the benefits our products can bring and through our collaboration with Swansea University we aim to prove this”


Consequently, the Healthcare Technology Centre has now been able to produce clinical data proving the products’ health and wellbeing benefits. While many of the current CBD brands promote effectiveness of their products without any underpinning research, the Hemp Heros – Swansea University team is collaborating through academically rigorous studies to explore data, information and knowledge to underpin the company’s current and emerging products.


“Hemp Heros is an exciting and dynamic company which is investing in its future through university led research, development and innovation to ensure the products are aligned with its health claims” says project co-lead,

Dr. Daniel Rees of HTC.


The report provides a review of CBD based pharmaceuticals (medical cannabis) currently approved for the alleviation of symptoms associated with conditions such as severe forms epilepsy, the side effects of chemotherapy such as nausea and vomiting, and for Multiple Sclerosis patients suffering with muscle stiffness and spasms. The team also explored the effects of CBD-based products on stress, anxiety, sleep and in the prevention and treatment of central nervous systems disorders, such as Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s.


This study paves the way for future research around four key pillars: pain, sleep, anxiety and recovery.


The study also provides evidence to support its use for improving the health of our pets, an important area as the CBD pet product market was valued at $27.7 million in 2019 in the USA alone, with growth expected at over 40% per annum over next few years.


The Healthcare Technology Centre is a partner of the £24 million pan-Wales Accelerate programme and supports the translation of promising ideas from the life science, health and care sectors in Wales into new products, processes and services.


Read the full report, entitled ‘Potential for Application of CBD-based Products in Health, Wellbeing and Disease Treatments’, here.


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